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Greatest Hits of 50 Collaboration Superpowers podcast episodes

Last week, I reached Episode 50 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast. When I first started working on the podcast, I wasn’t sure what it would turn into or how long I would continue. But it’s been almost a year, and I can’t express in words how much pleasure I’ve gotten […]

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Room to breathe

Just like the time I went completely offline for ten days, doing something a little extreme has given me unexpected insight.

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When in doubt, reach out!

I have taken the month of April off from scheduling meetings, giving presentations and workshops, and doing interviews. The plan is to focus primarily on writing the book: Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great Things Because I’ve put the interviews on hold, I wanted to take the opportunity to experiment […]

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The Collaboration Superpowers Podcast: behind the scenes

It all started innocently enough. In early 2013, I started doing in-person interviews with people who were working remotely. Because of my work with Happy Melly, I was using Google Hangouts extensively and it seemed like the obvious way to continue forward as I could easily interview people all over […]

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