LisetteSutherlandPodcastIt all started innocently enough. In early 2013, I started doing in-person interviews with people who were working remotely. Because of my work with Happy Melly, I was using Google Hangouts extensively and it seemed like the obvious way to continue forward as I could easily interview people all over the world. And, I had a recording after the interview – which allowed me to focus more on the conversation, instead of taking notes.

The interviews have included NASA, a neuroradiologist, authors, game designers, software developers, CEO’s, and many other interesting people. In short, it’s been an AWESOME journey!

I started getting requests from people to turn the Hangouts into a podcast. Most people won’t sit through an entire hour of video, but they can easily listen to a podcast on the way somewhere or while working out. In addition, my fabulous collaboration partner (and remote Academic Coach), Gretchen, started a podcast with one of her colleagues – and I was seeing how much fun she was having. On top of that, Pilar Orti (from Virtual, Not Distant) asked me to do a regular segment on her podcast show “21st Century Work Life”. I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I wanted to join the party too!

Collaboration Superpowers PodcastWhen I looked into what it took to create a podcast… it certainly wasn’t as easy as recording a Hangout. Being limited on time, I posted a 3 sentence job description on eLance and the next day, I had my man: Nick, The Podcast Guy! He guided me through the entire process – from recording the music, to coaching me on how to make a good intro and outro, to telling me what he needed in order to get good sound quality, to getting the podcast listed on iTunes and Stitcher. It was WAY more work than I expected (of course), but we had a great time, and in the end, I’m extremely proud of what we created!


So please, have a listen – and don’t forget to leave a rating and review!