Public Speaking

Every presentation is hand-crafted for the event

About lisette

Lisette has given presentations at a wide range of events, from conferences and meetups all over the world to a TEDx talk in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Her talks are fun, well-rehearsed and filled with stories of remote teams doing great things plus actionable advice for cultivating camaraderie, agility, and collaboration… remotely!

Upcoming Presentations

14 Sep 2021 The Path to Becoming Remote First Private Online
17 Sep 2021 Virtual Leadership Private Online
21 Sep 2021 Working Remotely...Successfully Private Online
22 Sep 2021 Modern Leadership in a Virtual World Virtual Leadercon Online
23 Sep 2021 Common Etiquettes in a Hybrid Environment Private Online
23 Sep 2021 Virtual Workshop: Hybrid Team Collaboration PMI Singapore Webinar
14 -15 Oct 2021 Frug' Agile Conference Frug' Agile In-person
4-5 Nov 2021 The New Agile Normal Agile Bourdeaux In-person

TEDx Kaunas

Lisette Sutherland / 19 November 2017

“Remote workers aren’t trying to escape doing work. We’re trying to escape the Day Prison.

We want to use technology to make better use of our time. We want to spend more time on things that matter to us and less time stuck in traffic.”

—Lisette Sutherland


Popular topics include:
  • Navigating the new remote normal
  • Becoming a remote first organization
  • Working remotely – successfully
  • How to be a high-performing virtual team
  • Modern leadership in the virtual world
  • Work-life balance and well-being while remote


  • Virtual – €595 (max 1.5 hrs)
  • Netherlands – €895
  • Europe – €1795
  • North America – €2495
  • South America – €2095
  • Australia – €2495
  • Asia & Africa – €2195


What is your speaking fee?

I use different fees in different countries. See above for the rates. I will waive the fee if you organize a Work Together Anywhere workshop (online, in person, or hybrid) with 8 or more attendees (€495/person).

Do you charge travel expenses?

My travel expenses are included in my speaking fee.

Do you want us to book your hotel or flights?

No, but thank you for offering. My travel schedule is usually very complicated (a simple return ticket is a rare event for me) and I prefer to book everything myself.

What if we can’t pay your speaking fee?

If you are unable to pay the fee, I am happy to send you some free remote working resources that you can promote to your participants. Simply email me for the options.

Can we order your books to sell at our event?

Yes, you may order my books directly through Wiley (my Editor). Simply email Special Sales.

Will you help us promote our event?

Absolutely! I add all public events to my website and promote them on my newsletter and via social media.

May we film your talk?

Yes, please! And send me the link too. But please note: My talks engage the audience and I move around a lot – so you need to be prepared to film that.

Please use our computer…

I insist that I use my own computer for my presentation. My slides are professionally designed with special fonts, graphics and videos – and optimized for my laptop. When I use other computers, something ALWAYS goes wrong. I have connectors for every system.

Please use our slide template...

No, thank you. My slides are professionally designed and outside promotional graphics (logos, banners, and footers) detract from both the message I am conveying and the overall quality of the design. I will happily show an introduction/title slide.

Would you send your presentation before the event?

I always change presentations the day or night before an event. Any presentation that I send earlier will not be up-to-date anymore when I go on stage. Also, I know that my presentations work fine on my computer. Other computers usually don’t have the correct fonts, the correct software, etc. As the creator of my presentations, I am the only one who can see if all slides look and function exactly as they should.

Can we check your presentation in advance?

I evolve my presentations on a regular basis and tailor each talk for the audience. What I send you now may not be exactly what I present.

I do not believe it is possible to rate a presentation just by looking at the slides. If you want a sense of my speaking ability, please refer to any number of past presentations.

About speakers gifts…

I love and appreciate speaker gifts, of course. However, I travel very light (think backpack). Giving me something that is heavy, delicate, or that can’t go through security at the airport will usually (sadly) end up being regifted (I have made a number of random people on the street happy with big bouquets of flowers).

The best gift you can give a professional speaker is the prompt payment of their invoice.

Will you make your slides available after the talk?

I am happy to. Just let me know where to send them.