Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great ThingsI have taken the month of April off from scheduling meetings, giving presentations and workshops, and doing interviews. The plan is to focus primarily on writing the book: Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great Things

Because I’ve put the interviews on hold, I wanted to take the opportunity to experiment with a shorter form of the podcast. I thought that giving updates about the book’s progress and what I’m learning would be a fun thing to try. So this week, instead of an interview with a remote team, I tell the story of what I did when I found myself feeling stuck and overwhelmed on this book project with too many directions to go.

The short version is: I reached out to my network to ask for help. We are all surrounded by networks of people with knowledge and experience. And more importantly, most people want to help where they can. So when we are feeling lost or we’re struggling with something, reach out!

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Thank you once again to the ever-awesome Gretchen Wegner for the inspiration and direction!