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Category: Telepresence

Great gadgets for working on the road

I will be traveling a lot over the next three months for┬áboth presentations and Work Together Anywhere workshops. Lined up before me are Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Vietnam, and Germany (not to brag ;). I’ve written before about my ultimate recipe for “work holidays”, which is where one travels to […]

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11 tips for hosting problem free online meetings

In order to solve the issue of bad online meetings, we need to address the specific pain points that we are having on our team. Does someone have a bad connection? That has to be fixed. Do we need headsets? Lets solve that. If someone has bad etiquette, that also […]

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Telepresence: I, for one, welcome our robot potential

I discovered telepresence by happy accident. A friend of mine in the robotics industry sent me a link to the Suitable Technologies website after a conversation at dinner one night. Fascinated, I signed up on their mailing list and started learning more about it. When I was asked to speak […]

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