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Category: Retrospectives

How to resolve conflict on virtual teams

From differences in opinion to flat out misunderstandings, conflicts with our virtual teams are inevitable. So what can we do to prevent and resolve these conflicts when they arise?

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Top tips for hosting effective remote retrospectives

Retrospectives are meetings held at regularly scheduled intervals where teams can reflect on how things are going to be more effective. There are many styles, but some typical questions are: What is going well? What could have gone better? What have we learned? What still puzzles us?

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Bear meat is delicious… but it’s a bit chewy!

I spent last week in Switzerland taking a ski touring class where we learned the essentials of off-piste skiing, how to avoid avalanches, how to find people in avalanches, how to plan a ski tour, etc. I don’t know what it is exactly about being in the mountains that makes […]

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Remote Retrospective (21 Dec 2013)

In this week’s remote retrospective, I could talk about… … how grateful I am to have Gretchen as a virtual collaboration partner. … how excited I am to be working on a remote collaboration project with Elinor – and how fast it’s taking on a life of its own. … […]

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