20140618_121149(0) copyLast night, from the comfort of my home in the Netherlands, I beamed in to Las Vegas where Suitable Technologies had a booth at the InfoComm conference. Their last newsletter asked for people who wanted to “party with the beam”. And since Collaboration Superpowers is hosting a Beam Pro that will allow people to beam in to the Spark The Change conference in London, I wanted to see what the experience was like for myself.

At 21.00 my time (12.00 Las Vegas time), I logged into my Beam application, clicked Connect, and voila! Vegas, baby! I was immediately in the Suitable Tech booth with other Beam Pro-ers and conference attendees. I rolled around a bit and got used to driving – and then another Beam Pro approached me. It was one of their staff who was beaming in from Palo Alto.

We talked for a few minutes, until a conference goer, who just happened to be walking by, stopped with wide eyes and asked “Are you two really talking to each other?”

The Beam Pro is surprisingly easy to use, and I must say that it feels oddly natural when you’re talking to others (whether they’re in a Beam Pro – or in real life!).

I invite you to experience it for yourself! Buy a ticket to beam in to the Spark the Change conference in London July 3 and 4. I will be there to help you learn and navigate this brilliant new way of interacting.