Today is the beginning of a 30 Day Try-on-athon where I try to answer the question: How do the clothes we wear affect our productivity as remote workers?

You can track the progress here!

DAY 1: Me

I felt more professional during my meetings throughout the day – probably because I could see myself as I was meeting with people (via Skype and Hangout). As remote workers we see ourselves in ways that most people don’t get a chance to see.

I never need to dress up, because all my clients see me from the chest up and I can get away with a simple long-sleeved shirt and still look relatively professional. However, I was inspired by my remote collaboration partner’s stylish outfits and started wondering how much does dressing up matter when we work remotely? Does it affect our psychology? Does it affect how people interact with us? Does it affect our productivity? So I decided to challenge myself to 30 days of different outfits.

One of my remote collaboration partners, Gretchen Wegner, will be joining me for parts of the try-on-athon to check in on the progress and add her genius.

DAY 1: Gretchen Wegner


I’m learning that wearing a tie as a woman makes me feel both spunky and authoritative.  This outfit really energized me while I was making videos alone in my living room … for my new course “The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying“.


Join us by posting your photos or thoughts in the comment section of this blog post. If you want to post an image but don’t know how, just email me and I will help you. But here are some instructions:

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