Octavalent Engagement StrategyThis week, I met with Octavalent, a company in the historic Dutch town of Delft, which has developed software for employment agencies. Octavalent contacted me because they want to not just provide useful software, but truly engage and enchant their customers. I jumped at the opportunity to help by taking them through my engagement process!

Octavalent’s overarching goal is to become the go-to supplier of software for all employment agencies in The Netherlands. They want to do this by providing dependable software that helps employment agencies save time and money, and by developing a relationship of trust with each person using the tool.

We decided to measure success by defining involved, engaged, and enchanted. A customer is involved when they simply use Octavalent’s software. They are engaged when they call Octavalent’s support team for help and advice. And they are enchanted when they recommend Octavalent to their peers.

We then looked at the kinds of activities Octavalent could do to help their customers be successful.

It’s very exciting to see a company develop a strategy to genuinely help and connect with their customers. Not only will Octavalent’s customers be happy with the software, but they will also be enchanted by Octavalent employees who truly care about their customer’s success.

I wish every business would strategize in this way! And I look forward to being a part of Octavalent’s success as they attempt to make the world a better place.