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How to resolve conflict on virtual teams

From differences in opinion to flat out misunderstandings, conflicts with our virtual teams are inevitable. So what can we do to prevent and resolve these conflicts when they arise?

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Great gadgets for working on the road

I will be traveling a lot over the next three months for both presentations and Work Together Anywhere workshops. Lined up before me are Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Vietnam, and Germany (not to brag ;). I’ve written before about my ultimate recipe for “work holidays”, which is where one travels to […]

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Room to breathe

Just like the time I went completely offline for ten days, doing something a little extreme has given me unexpected insight.

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When in doubt, reach out!

I have taken the month of April off from scheduling meetings, giving presentations and workshops, and doing interviews. The plan is to focus primarily on writing the book: Stories Of Remote Teams Doing Great Things Because I’ve put the interviews on hold, I wanted to take the opportunity to experiment […]

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How to avoid virtual burnout

I just returned from 10 days of vacation. This time, I felt I really needed the time off. My boyfriend, Florian, and I name all of our trips before we go – and from the beginning, this vacation was called the “Grumpy burnout tour”. We had both been working crazy […]

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I hired an online personal trainer

I’ve been battling to lose 5kg for years. Now, I know I’m not fat, but what I want is to be lean. I exercise regularly: running 35-40km/week, climbing and yoga once a week, skiing and hiking all winter and summer. I’ve tried lots of different diets: gluten free, alternate day […]

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