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Virtual icebreakers for remote teams

In college, I was a member of a student group where each meeting began with a short opening question. I didn’t know anything about meeting facilitation at the time, but I remember liking that part of the meeting. Fast forward to when I became a manager leading a team of […]

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Epic brainstorming and idea connection

For the last four years, I helped organizations and businesses design and set up private online communities. I was recently challenged to design an engagement strategy for customers of a new SaaS product. Naturally, I started to think about what the similarities and differences were between community engagement and customer […]

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Six strategies to increase engagement and retention

This week, I was asked to give a presentation at the Chase Conference in London highlighting the benefits of private social networks and presenting six strategies for increasing an organisation’s engagement and retention rates. The attendees were decision makers for organizations whose members work to make the world a better […]

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Create a community where great things can happen

Most of my friends know that I’m a big fan of rockumentaries (documentaries about rock bands). Many evenings after I finish work, I settle into my favorite chair and either read a book or find a video about a particular band, or a music scene, or an era in time. […]

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What does an online community manager do?

This week someone asked me “what exactly does an online community manager do?” I decided to answer in the form of a job description. Please feel free to copy and use the text in your own search to find an online community manager.    

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